Suresh Kaushik

I came to this great country at the age of 20 and have experienced life here in various professional settings for about 55 years. I have learned a few business and real estate investment lessons along the way. Yes, I would make some commission if you buy or sell your real estate through me, but , with God’s grace, we are doing fine as is and we don’t have to depend on that extra income, so it’s not all about money for me. Building meaningful relationships and providing some real help, if someone asks for or can use my advice or help, is what I care about.

I don’t at all mind spending as much time as necessary until you find something you like. The individuals and families I have been blessed to work with in the past have been very pleased with my work; I helped them save some real money when buying or selling their homes. If you trust me with your real estate needs, I would be honored to provide sincere professional services comparable to or exceeding those provided by any good REALTOR in town.