Karlie Burnett

Karlie Burnett is new to real estate sales, but she is not new to sales or to real estate. She cut her teeth selling cutlery early in her professional life; and Karlie’s family included several contractors when she was growing up. In fact, her father was in commercial and residential construction. Karlie knows first hand how important a house is to people when they are looking for a place to call home. In fact, she is currently in the process of building a new home for her own family. It was being around her family as a child that inspired Karlie’s deep interest in architecture, real estate, and people. She realized at an early age that attention to detail really matters. She knows how difficult finding just the right house can be and is committed to helping her clients find just the right home at just the right price. Karlie hails from Tallassee and is looking forward to serving the community for years to come.