After 36 years in healthcare I decided to make a phenomenal change in my life by starting a multifaceted career in real estate. My broker and my husband, Blake Markham, persistently encouraged me since real estate has been his passion for over 30 years.

As a child of a pharmaceutical rep we moved every two years and have seen the chaos and upheaval selling your home can cause for a family. I have experienced the anxiety of making sure that everything is “perfect” for a showing. My mother knew the value of a first impression.

To help you accomplish the WOW of a first impression, I can help you make each room and each area of your home pleasing to even the most discriminating prospective buyer.  Along with healthcare, for many years I merchandised and designed store showcases hoping to entice customers to buy the products on display for their home. This was fun, exciting and very rewarding.

As your realtor my goal is to help you prepare and stage your home for each showing, bring you eager buyers and orchestrate a smooth real estate transaction resulting in the sale of your home.